Demonstrations to say no to the rise in gasoline prices are giving way to vast looting operations in the streets of Léogâne, this Friday, September 16. The office of the Directorate General of Taxes (DGI) was invaded by protesters who took away equipment, including furniture and batteries.
Opposite, the generator of the UNIBANK branch also went up in flames. Other private businesses, including a supermarket, were looted by individuals with their faces covered in the early afternoon.
Moreover, during scenes of clashes with the police who tried to protect the targeted buildings, at least three members of the civilian population came out with gunshot wounds. 

The police commissioner, visibly at the end of his ammunition, had to take to his heels to escape the furious crowd who were chasing him with stones. As far as the police station, bottles and stones were thrown at the police officers. The latter had to abdicate and let the crowd continue the acts of looting.

Earlier in the day, protesters damaged fixtures at several gas stations. The terror has lasted since the beginning of the morning, in a completely barricaded commune.

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