They say “Haiti is the poorest nation in the western hemisphere.” Is that true? No. That is a boatload of BS. Here is why. Haitians are poor, but the land of Haiti is rich with natural resources.
Haiti oil reserves
Offshore oil rig
Folks here is the truth Haiti’s oil reserves are now worth $120 billion US dollars. That means the country Haiti is among the one percent wealthiest nations on earth. Mind blown...!

Let me assure you that no one wants to talk about this. But I have to confess, when I first heard about the discovery of oil in Haiti, I was quite skeptical. After all, why haven’t we heard about this before? I ask myself. Why Haitians are so poor?

Friends, let’s get to the truth.

Haiti oil reserves and the big multinational oil companies

Well, the reality is there are still many untapped oil reserves in many areas around the world, and Haiti is one of them. According to a report from radio Metropole, scientists Daniel and Ginette Mathurin say that Haiti’s oil reserves are larger than those of Venezuela. In fact, Daniel Mathurin says Haiti’s oil reserves are so much larger than they are not even worth comparing to others.

“An Olympic pool size compared to a glass of water" that is to compare Haiti's oil to that of Venezuela. It's just that important.

That is an amazing statement considering the fact that Venezuela is one of the world’s major oil producers. But Daniel and Ginette Mathurin are not the only ones making these claims about oil in Haiti.

In a paper dated March 27, 2004, Dr. Georges Michel detailed the history of oil discoveries in Haiti and explained why they have not been exploited yet. According to Michel, the big oil companies know about the massive reserves of oil in Haiti but in the 50s and 60s, there was almost too much oil to go around so they decided that those reserves were not needed at the time and that they would be kept in reserve until later.

You see, the attitude of these big multinational oil companies was, “we shall keep the Haitian deposits and other such layers of deposits in reserve for the 21st century until the Middle Eastern jackpot oil fields are completely depleted.”

In fact, it was apparently known as far back as 1908 that Haiti has substantial reserves of oil. But those poor people have been kept in abject poverty all this time when they could have been benefiting from all of this oil.

Haiti’s massive gold deposit and other natural resources

Not only we have oil, but Haiti also possesses a great deal of gold as well.

A United Nations study in the 70s indicated Haiti could be littered with gold and copper deposits. However, planned political violence and recurring coup d’├ętat have kept the oil in Haiti from being exploited and the gold from being mined.

So how much gold does Haiti have? Well, the former president of Dominican Petroleum Refinery recently said that Haiti has vast untapped reserves of gold and iridium (a little known and rare mineral that is vital for the construction of spacecraft) and that these resources should be used to pay off the Haitian foreign fake debt. I don’t think he is alone in this assessment.

Scientific evidence of Haiti’s oil & gold deposit

Back in 2007, a geologist with 27 years of experience hunting for gold was asked what he thought the chances of discovering huge amounts of gold in Haiti were. This is how he responded….

“I don’t think there’s a question of whether there’s a good deposit here. It’s a question of whether we can develop it here in Haiti.”

In fact, analysts are predicting “a stampede into Haiti” if the existence of large gold deposits there can be confirmed.

So the so-called poorest nation in the western hemisphere turns out to be just brimming with oil and gold…. Do you think that those resources will be used to rebuild Haiti and to give Haitian a truly bright future?

Don’t count on it because Washington considers Haiti’s natural resources as “strategic reserves” of the United States.

You see, for decades Haiti has been viewed by many as being essentially “owned” by the United States. The U.S. government has done little to actually help the nation of Haiti get on the right path, but they maintain a huge presence there. In fact, the U.S. fifth-largest embassy is in Haiti.

What will happen to Haiti's oil and gold?

Now the question we need to ask is when will all of the gold and oil be used to help the people of Haiti, or will the gold and oil be exploited by ruthless foreigners and continue to keep us in abject poverty?

The price of oil in Haiti is expensive. Let’s tap into those massive reserves and deposits right now.

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