Who controls Haiti today?
Who mostly controls Haiti today? 

It is known that Haiti is a sovereign nation, and it became a country after defeating one of the world's most powerful armies (the French army) in 1804.

But today Haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere going through political crisis after political crisis, rampant chaos, foreign interventions, and disaster after disaster.

Instead of moving toward the path of development, Haiti slides backward into poverty. So, it is fair that we ask the question: "who really controls Haiti"?

Who mostly controls Haiti today? 

The current prime minister of Haiti is Ariel Henry, but Haiti is mostly controlled by three world powers: The United States, Canada, and France.


Every Haitian knows this. Spend a day listening to Haitian media, and you will quickly learn Haiti is not a sovereign nation. It is instead an unofficial protectorate of the US in collaboration with the French and the Canadian government.

The ambassadors of those three countries have more control over Haiti than the Haitian government can only dream of.

The United States, Canada, and France decide who becomes president and prime minister when there is an election. They decide who Haiti votes for or votes against at the UN.

Who controls Haiti's decision-making?

When it comes to decision-making, the United States specifically has full control of the Haitian government. As a result, foreign interference is a huge problem in Haiti. 

If any members of the Haitian parliament protest the threat of cutting off their visas to the US, France, and Canada always get them to fall back in line and go with the flow. 

This is crazy, right! Well, this is Haiti's reality, unfortunately. The leaders have no backbone. They are wimpy, selfish, greedy, and downright corrupt. They will do anything for the greenback and to protect their interests. 

So, who controls Haiti? Haiti is controlled by the United States, France, and Canada.

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