In this post, I reveal 10 Haitian voodoo spells to master that will make you a powerful force to be reckoned with.

Haitian voodoo spells

If you want to get even with your enemies, amass great wealth, and become a force among your peers, master Haitian voodoo.

When you master a selected voodoo power and get mounted by a lwa (spirit), you will have abilities to do wondrous things that will command respect.

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But before we dive into the spells, let's answer this burning question: What is Haitian voodoo?

What is Haitian Voodoo?

Haitian Voodoo, Voudou, or Vodou (\vō-ˈdü\) is a religion that has its roots from the African Juju belief system.

Voodoo involves witchcraft, black magic, sorcery, love spells, attraction spells, and more.

It was brought to Haiti by the African slaves during the horrendous European’s transatlantic slave trade.

Proof Haitian voodoo works

The most powerful, undeniable, and irrefutable proof we have to date of Haitian voodoo’s success is the independence of Haiti. It would not have been possible without the voodoo ceremony at Bwa Kayiman.

Researchers and scientists have tried to answer this puzzling question for ages but still can’t figure it out. How the hell a small ill-equipped gang of Haitian slaves defeated the powerful French army?

The answer is right before them, but they still can't see it. The answer is simple. They did it through the power of voodoo.

Here is what happened.

In 1804, Dutty Boukman, a Haitian voodoo priest ( Bòkò or Hougan) used a voodoo revenge spells to bind the French army. Then he unleashed a destructive voodoo spell over the Haitian soldiers to decimate the French troops.
History tells us on that day Haitian soldiers fought like machine killing everything that crosses their paths. -Mr Mo
As a result, this led to a spectacular victory over France. So Haiti became the second after the US to declare her independence in America on January 1st,1804.

In addition, Haiti became the first black nation in the world to defeat a major army in order to gain her independence.

In those days, the French army was one of the most powerful on earth, and Napoléon Bonaparte was at the peak of his power.

But the Haitian army trampled the French soldiers like dirt, whipped their wives, spoiled their children, and ran them out of town like stinky rats.

As a result, France later banned Voodoo practices from her remaining colonies because they feared the Haitian success might cause a domino effect within those borders.

Unfortunately, that day never came. Lucky them!

10 Haitian voodoo spells that work

If you are looking to acquire Haitian voodoo power, these are the ones you should pursue. If you have questions about them, leave a comment in the box below.
  1. Money siphoning spell - This spell is very common in Haitian commerce. Merchants use it to siphon the wealth of each other. For example, you sell all day, but later find that the money disappears in thin air.
  2. Zombie dispatch spell - Haitian mostly use this spell on people they don't like. This spell requires a voodoo priest to dispatch the zombie to manipulate the victim in nefarious ways. 
  3. Love attraction spell - You can get the lover of your dream with this one. However, make sure you really love the person before you bind him or her because he or she will only want you.
  4. Zombie control spell - This spell is also used for nefarious reasons. You wait for your enemies to die then summon them into your badji or peristil (voodoo temple) and enslave them forever. 
  5. Luck attraction spell - This spell is for those who want to be successful at everything they do in life. But you will need to learn how to handle all the successes that will come your way. 
  6. Shapeshifting spell - You can turn someone's life into a living nightmare with this power. For instance, you can become a lougawou and terrorize families with small children in your neighborhood all night long.
  7. Nightcrawler spell - Nightcrawlers do their dirty deeds late at night in places mostly deprive of light. Their most common specialty is to give something called koutlè which causes people to be very sick.
  8. Protection Spell - You can protect yourself against all voodoo powers with a protection spell. But your spell needs to be stronger than the spell cast against you. Always use a reputable voudouyizan for this one.
  9. Revenge Spell - If someone double-crosses you, become your mortal enemy and you want to make them pay, a revenge spell will definitely do the trick. You can wish anything you want on them and watch it happens. 
  10. Healing spell - If you are naturally sick or someone has cast a voodoo disease after you, you can dismantle the force with a Haitian voodoo healing spell. This one is a bit expensive, and you might need to bath with smelly concoctions to get the desired result.
In this post, we look at the 10 most common Haitian voodoo spells used in Haiti. Practice them at your own risk. Remember, do not use the Haitian love voodoo attraction spell if you do not really care about the person.

To learn more about Haitian voodoo spells and how to use them, get this book from Amazon or check out this list of resources here.

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