Naomi Osaka

Naomi Osaka may look like an angel, but her Creole cursing game is on a whole new level. We were surprised to learn that she knows how to curse in Creole.

Although she is not fluent in the language, below are her favorite Haitian Creole curse words.

Naomi Osaka Haitian Creole curse words:
  1. Naomi uses "vouzan" when she is pissed.
  2. She calls her friends "bouzen" when they pissed her off.
  3. She uses "femen djol ou" when her siblings refuse to shush it.
  4. She calls people "koko rat" when they catcall her on the street.
  5. And she will say "kolangyet manman w" if you cross the line and really get in her nerves.
You see, there is more behind that cute innocent look and smile. Naomi will curse you under her breath if you get under her skin. Watch out!

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